City coco Greaser

From the design seat and steering, the perfectly shaped fuel tank to the old-fashioned LED lights, this bike has it all!
Returns the popular look of the motorcycle in the 1970’s. This unique bike has all the qualities of an old motorcycle and electric bicycle in one!

Absolutely no expense was spared in the design process of this masterpiece and we hope to bring you back to the past with every ride.

Greaser achieves speeds of up to 25 km / h and provides you with a carefree journey up to 50km * per filling, enabling you to visit the whole city or the surrounding without worrying.

This is more than enough for the whole day of the tour. Unlike some electric bicycles, which are full for up to 8 hours, with Greaser you are ready for a new adventure in 4 hours.

Mountainous terrain? Do not worry!

With a powerful 250 / 500W engine, GREASER helps you when you need it most! The Bafang Electric Motor easily helps against the wind and uphill.

WATCH those boring hills and afternoon winds in style!

Comfortable seat: Extra large, with extra cushions, double springs allow you complete comfort throughout the day, even on uneven terrain.


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