CityCoco Vacay e-bike

CityCoco Vacay e-bike

The Vacay’s enchanting masterpiece is specially designed to draw attention to its unique design built on the same chassis as the Greaser. With its vintage cruise shape, upright seating position, comfortable seat and wide steering wheel, it is easy to drive regardless of sex and age.

Especially when the engine is switched on and makes driving easier.

Want to drive this summer in a simple and fun way? Then this is a bike for you.

The battery is easily removed and it can range up to 50 km.

Vacay achieves speeds of up to 25 km / h, allowing you to have a worry-free journey of up to 50 km * per charge, allowing you to take the whole city or the neighborhood without worrying.

This is more than enough for the whole day of the tour. Unlike some electric bicycles, which are full for up to 8 hours, with Greaser you are ready for a new adventure in 4 hours.


Product Description

  • Daily rent:
  • 250 kn